Partial Settlement In MoFo ‘Mommy Track’ Lawsuit


The $100 million gender discrimination case against Morrison & Foerster has been pared down. As you may recall, a total of seven plaintiffs have come forward alleging there’s a “mommy track” at the firm that hurt their career advancement after they took maternity leave. Now comes word that five of the seven plaintiffs have reached a settlement with the firm, after a September mediation session.
According to a joint case management statement filed with the court on November 27th, the claims of Jane Does 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 against MoFo have been resolved. According to reporting by, neither side of the dispute would offer further comment on the particulars of the settlement.
For the remaining plaintiffs, Jane Doe 1, a former MoFo associate in a California office, and Jane Doe 6, of counsel in the firm’s New York office, a  new amended complaint is expected soon. According to the joint statement, plaintiffs will file their amended complaint December 10th, where the pseudonyms of the remaining name plaintiffs will be lifted. The filing also indicates “further discovery is necessary to negotiate a resolution, if any, to the claims of Jane Does 1 and 6.” Something we’ll be sure to track closely.
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