Remember when you wanted what you currently have?


by J. Money – Published November 14, 2019

Came across this quote last week and can’t stop contemplating it:
Remember when you wanted what you currently have?
Something so haunting, yet so beautiful about it, haha… But in a world constantly pushing us for “more”, it sure is a nice reminder of everything we’ve already achieved/received if we actually take a second to reflect upon it 🙂
Here’s a short list of all the things I remember really wanting bad over the years – how about you?
Air Jordans
Nintendo Game Boy
A girlfriend
My own car
My own place
A college degree
A “real” job
Parties and bars!
$1,000 in savings (<– the hardest when you’re starting out!) A wife Kids! To become a full-time blogger To be more confident To not work so much To not be so obsessed with money all the time (!) To move back to my “happy” place To be more generous To find myself more To find the answer of life Okay okay, so I’m still working on that last one, but I feel like I’m getting closer! 😉 And it lies somewhere within those last few bullet points there – basically setting yourself up to be The Best You possible, which of course money can help with, if only to focus your time and energy better. Try making your own list today and remind yourself of how far YOU’VE come too! Even if it doesn’t always feel like it at times 🙂 Don’t stop striving, but remember you’re doing a lot better than you used to be… Old you would be so jealous!! Jay loves talking about money, collecting coins, blasting hip-hop, and hanging out with his three beautiful boys. You can check out all of his online projects at Thanks for reading the blog!

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